Monday, August 12, 2013


This summer has not been the best....weatherwise.   We've had more rain than anyone needs (except maybe California...they could probably use some of ours).     We were phenominally lucky to have perfect weather for our trip to Tanglewood, and it rained cats and dogs the minute we got home.

But this weekend was probably one of the nicest weekends ever.   About 80 degrees, blue skies, but no humidity!   So Hubby and I spent pretty much the whole weekend outside.

Saturday morning we both worked in the yard....I weeded and Hubby mowed.  Then we spent most of the afternoon in the backyard reading under a tree.    Saturday evening we went to an outdoor concert of some musical friends.  Then one of those friends invited us to her place for a bonfire.

Nancy lives on a lake, and the scene when we got there was surreal.   It was just dusk, and the you could still see the water but you could also see the lights of houses all along the other side of the lake.  We lit the bonfire, and Nancy and her partner Chris cooked up some burgers and dogs, offered wine and beer, and the guitars came out.   We spent a very pleasant few hours singing around the campfire and cooking s'mores.  (Nancy told us afterward that it was National S'More Day!)

Sunday morning was spent cooking and getting ready for our own BBQ on Sunday night.   I invited my brother, his wife and my niece over for a cookout.  Then my Dad came home from his extended vacation in the Phillipines, so I invited him and his girlfriend Emma over as well.

We had a great time looking at vacation photos, I cooked on the grill, then we lit a campfire and guessed it.........s'mores!

What a very pleasant weekend - a little work - a lot of fun!  

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Oooh, sounds lovely!