Thursday, January 24, 2013

So Frustrating!!

So the new diet and exercise program is on in full force.  I'm quite proud to say that I have gone to the gym every Monday through Friday.  That's 5 days a week folks!  

At the gym I do a complete "Curves" type circuit.  I am going to Planet Fitness, but they have a similar circuit.  It takes 30 minutes.  You start with 1 minute on the step, then a machine for 1 minute, then back to the step, then another machine.  I really like it because it keeps my interest.  Pretty neat that I can definitely feel the improvement.  ie.......I can now do all 10 steps, rather than do some of them and just march in front of others.  And...I've already upped the weights on some of the machines.  

After I'm done the circuit, I go and do 15 minutes on the treadmill.  15 minutes is about all I can take.  Boring!!

I've also been "watching what I eat".   And dammit...unbelievable....I lost 3 pounds the first week, and nothing since then! NADA!!!   WTF?????

Everyone keeps saying that I'm building muscle, and muscle weighs more than fat, and that's why I'm not losing weight.   I say PSHAW!    First of all, I am not lifting weights to become a muscle-girl.  I am doing light weights and lots of reps to tone my muscles.  Second of all, there's no way I'm gaining that much muscle weight so as to negate any fat-weight loss.  And third of all.....PSHAW!

So that only leaves the fact that I am still eating too much.  So I found a calorie-counting program online.  It's called   I'm sure most of you have found similar programs to do on the computer or I Phone.  You put in your weight, height, etc, and your goal.   Then you put in all the food you eat plus all the exercise you do.

 I'm sure it's not really precise, but I do think it does a couple things for me.  First, it makes me really think about everything I eat.  I'm not going to snitch a couple of chocolate kisses off the lunch table at work, or slather my bread with butter if I have to account for those calories.   Second, it gives me a better idea of what's good for me and what's not.  Third, it reminds me that I need to enjoy every morsel that goes into my mouth.

For instance...... for lunch yesterday, I was going to have some pita bread and hommus, and then have some plain yogurt with granola.   I punched it in before I went to lunch, and found that I could delete the plain yogurt and granola, and have triple the amount of pita bread and hommus for the same amount of calories.  AND....I don't really care all that much for the yogurt and granola, but really like the hommus.  AND...I think the bread and hommus kept me from getting as hungry by the time I left work for home.

So I'm going to incorporate this program into my diet plan for the time being.  I don't want to count calories the rest of my life, but for now I think this might work for me.


elizasmom said...

Ahhh, we are in a similar boat. I am trying to step up the exercise because when your baby is actually an 18-month toddler you can't really keep trotting out the "baby-weight" excuse, and I have 12 stubborn pounds hanging on. I need to eat less bread and more fruit and veggies. Sigh.

tag vennard said...

Hunny you are doing fine- Im so proud of you! you ARE looking slimmer and you'll see the scale will cooperate with you very soon. You know you are doing the healthy thing. try not to get discouraged- you know you are leading a better lifestyle now!! love ya!