Saturday, January 5, 2013

Living Room Remodel Begins

Hubby and I have been planning to remodel our living room for the past several months.  The project was to begin "after the holidays".'s now after the holidays, so here we go.

Our main concern is to take down the archway between our two living rooms and make it into one big living room.   Of course, we need to be sure it's not a load-bearing wall.  We had Hubby's cousin, Scott, who is a contractor, come over to take a look at it.   He said he was pretty sure it wasn't, but that when the time came to start ripping things down, Hubby should pull away the paneling and send Scott a picture so he could be sure there wasn't a huge house-holding-up-beam up there.

All Hubby had to do was make a little hole.  But he went all "Demo-Man" on me!

Here's the wallpaper that was behind the paneling.  There's only one layer of paper.  I find it hard to believe that in 100 years, they only wallpapered once and then paneled.  Perhaps they actually scraped off old wallpaper before they put this up?

For now our wall looks like this until Scott gets back to us.  Then Hubby has to move some outlets before he can demo.  That'll be good incentive for him to get the outlets done!!

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Joan J said...

Load-bearing walls run in the opposite direction of the joists. If the joists are exposed (in an unfinished attic floor or a basement ceiling), you can tell which way they run.

Ta da. My contractor will be proud of me for remembering that :)

Can't wait to see your progress!