Thursday, January 10, 2013

3 Pounds? Really?

So the big weight-loss struggle is underway.  It seems like I've been doing it forever, but it's only been a week!

I've been doing "the circuit" when I go to the gym in the morning.  It's a Curves-style circuit at Planet Fitness.   10 machines - 10 steps.   There's a red light and a green light.  You rest on the red light and workout on the green light.  Couldn't be easier for someone bleary-eyed from getting out of bed at 6:30am.  Mentally.  Physically is another story!

My back has always been a problem.  I have to make sure I stretch really well after each machine.  And my knees are not very happy with the steps.   Sometimes I just can't do the last couple of steps, so I march in front of it instead.

And more often than not, Hubby and I have been walking in the evening.  So I think I have the exercise thing going on.

Food-wise, I've been trying to be very aware of what I eat.  I do pretty well during the day.  Primarily because I only have the food I bring with me to eat.  Our office is all trying to do the "biggest loser" so we're sworn off putting junk on the break-room table.  

Somehow, with all this, I've only lost 3 pounds.  I was hoping for better than that, but I'll take it.....for now.


tag vennard said...

you are doing great hunny. dont be disappointed you ARE losing weight and you ARE getting up and going to the gym- a superhuman feat!! we're not even half-way through january yet! you'll be happy with your results darling! keep up the good owrk I love you!

Joan J said...

Oh, you've definitely got to look at that 3 lbs differently. First, you count the three pounds you lost, THEN you count the three pounds you DIDN'T gain! See? You're minus six pounds over what you would have been if you hadn't started this program! Yay Karen! Six pounds down! :)

Hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to keep herself on track!

elizasmom said...

What Joan said. Also, don't forget that muscle, which you are now building, is denser than fat! Keep it up!!