Sunday, December 23, 2012

Vennard Family Christmas 2012

We celebrated with Hubby's family for Christmas on Saturday.   Hubby "The Patriarch" made sure he had the comfiest chair and regaled us with annoying music until they took the guitar away from him.

Hubby's son Kenny and his partner Matthew

Granddaughter Elsie trying to figure out how this little stuffed dog is barking and walking.

Our little Elf grandson Noah showing off his Howling Dog guitar.

Uncle Paul playing with Noah's new guitar.  We're pretty sure Paul bought it for him so he could play with it himself.

Hubby's nephew Ryan showing off the slippers he got from Hubby.   For weeks, Hubby threatened Ryan with fuzzy slippers if Ryan did not give him an idea for a Christmas gift.  And that's exactly what he got.

Finally, Hubby is allowed to play some Christmas Carols for us to sing along with.

Hubby's brother Doug and grandson Gabriel helped with the sing-along.

Hubby's daughter Wendy is amazed at the array of cheeses her Daddy gave her for a gift.

Baby Elsie takes some quiet time for reflection.

Aunt Jeannie did some magic and put Elsie to sleep.

The whole fam-damily.   

Back Row:  Paul, Kenny, Matthew, Allen, Zeke
Middle Row:  Me, Debbie, Jeannie, Peggy
Front Row: Doug, Tag, Wendy, Ryan
Kids:  Noah, Elsie, Gabriel

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Kaye said...

That's one good looking family! Hope your Christmas is wonderful.

Did you know that Girl Scouts make candy now? I just got a box from my daughter in MA that was dark chocolate mint PENGUINS! Talk about the perfect gift.