Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas with my kids 2012

One of the very best things about buying our house is our ability to host family gatherings.  In fact, it was a driving force in our decision to go ahead and do it.   So, I feel so blessed now when I can have my family over and enjoy everyone being in the same place at the same time.

Sunday morning we had all my kids over for our Christmas Party.

With our new kitchen table, we sat everyone comfortably around the table.  This year, red Solo dinnerware. I've found that now that I have the ability to host dinners, I need some seasonal dinnerware.  I'm on the hunt right now for some Christmas dishes for next year.

Kara and Emily put presents under the tree.

Emily was proud that she wore Memere's favorite pajamas with penguins on them.

Always fun to let the heating duct flip your hair around.

Once Emmy got the camera, she took some photos of my Christmas decorations.

Also fun to play the piano with your belly.

Aunt Jamie got her some Perler beads...the new obsession.

Pepere received a Melodica!

Memere made Emmy a new skirt....rainbow!

Pepere got Emmy a pink flowered guitar (picked out by Mom!) with a pink strap.

Gathering ammunition for the inevitable wrapping paper fight.

Everyone gets to do Perler Beads!

  Somehow, I got mostly pictures of Emily!  But luckily, we had Doug and Kara, Nick and Kelly, and Jamie and Tony there as well.   I'm so grateful to have all my children around me at the holidays!

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