Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

The next party in our line-up was having Hubby's kids over on Christmas Eve!   We've been having them over every year, but because of work schedules, we didn't think they'd be able to come this year.  But, a Christmas miracle!  It worked out that they were free.

Elsie loves to eat!  She drank up most of Grampy's smoothie made from yogurt, bananas and strawberries.

Noah regales us with a story.

Elsie is in awe of the Christmas tree.

She can't wait to get her hands on Uncle Kenny!

This could be the first time Kenny held Elsie.

"Please take her away before she wiggles out of my arms and I drop her!"

Noah plays with the new Hess helicopter and truck from Grampy.

Always fun to play Grampy's drum pads.

Gotta love that cute face!

And I do!

Noah plays Melodica while Grampy accompanies on piano.

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