Monday, July 30, 2012

Our Indoor Campfire

Hubby being a musician and all, we've made a lot of musician-type friends.   They all love to "jam" which usually means sitting around, picking out a song that most know, and playing it together.  It's an awful lot of fun.

We have  really nice fire pit in our backyard, and we very rarely use it.  So I thought it'd be great to have our musician friends over for a Campfire Jam.

Seeing's as how they're all very busy folks, I announced the date for the jam 2 months ago, so everyone would pencil us in and hold the date on their calendars.

Naturally, after one of the sunniest and dryest summers on record, Mother Nature chose that night to give us rain.

So, we moved our jam inside.   Sadly, some folks decided not to come.  But we ended out with about 10 diehard friends who came and ate, laughed, played and sang.

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