Wednesday, July 25, 2012


There's a beautiful mini-golf course in our town, and despite the fact that Hubby has been living here 6 years, he's never been.   We don't seem to be mini-golf people.  But of course, having a grand-daughter that's almost 5 changes that outlook.  

We took Emily last night for her very first mini-golf game.  I knew it would be hilarious, and it was even more fun than I anticipated.   There are no photos or videos, because of a whole silly camera fiasco that won't be mentioned.

On the way over, Hubby predicted that Emily would last until about the fourth hole, and then she'd lose interest.  He couldn't have been more wrong!   She loved every minute of all 18 holes.

The excitement began with the choosing of the color of the ball.....they had no rainbow balls so dark pink had to suffice.   Hunting out each hole in numerical order was a lot of fun too.

She totally understood the concept of hitting the ball either gently or harder to reach the hole.  She surprised me with her understanding of geometry by choosing the tee that was the most inline with the hole each time.   It was quite exciting to run to the end of the hole and check out where the hole was, then run back and choose the best tee to hit from.

The course is laid out with plenty of water, which includes waterfalls, which were quite fascinating.  There were also some gigantic frogs in the pond that were very interesting.

After the first couple of holes, she decided she'd help us out by letting us tee off, then putting all the balls into the holes.  "I can handle that for you"!

 After Pepere commented that he and I each had a hole-in-one, she proudly announced that she had a "hole-in-seventeen"!

While taking a water break, we let the couple behind us go ahead of us.  Turns out it was someone I knew and we chatted for a bit.   Then Emily watched while the couple played their hole.  When the husband was having trouble putting out, Emily seriously asked me, "Do you think I should ask that man if he needs help?"

Just as we were finishing the 18th hole, we heard rumbles of thunder, so we headed over to the ice cream parlor.   We dodged raindrops with our ice-cream and sat inside. 

Then Emily noticed the arcade, so we went inside and played skeeball, whack-a-mole, and "jump-on-a-spider".   She (and Pepere and I) earned plenty of tickets.   "All these tickets are really for me though, right Pepere?"   We had enough tickets for a necklace, bracelet and two rings!

There's nothing as much fun as re-living childhood fun with your grandchildren.  It puts such a great perspective on things.  We kept no score.....just played for the joy of playing.

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elizasmom said...

Mini-golf was invented so you can laugh hysterically at the kids you're playing with — I'm convinced of it! Sounds like you guys had a great day out. I personally have a teensy little skeeball addiction, so I always jump at any chance to help Eliza earn some tickets at an arcade. (She relaguly beats me at air hockey, though).