Friday, July 20, 2012

Dennis the Menace

Dennis the Menace visited the office yesterday.   In about 1/2 hour, this six-year-old boy managed to:

*  Destroy the Travel Store

*  Go in the bathroom (alone) and throw paper towels all over the floor, soak the floor under the sink, and hold the button down on the soap dispenser to create a pile of soap on the floor under it.  He did flush the toilet though!

*  Play in the water bubbler, soaking his shirt, the wall, and the (carpeted) floor under the bubbler.

*  Play between the newly washed sets of glass doors, streaking his fingers down the glass, rubbing his nose on it, and licking!!! the glass.

*  Pull out the Bumbo seat we purchased for our littlest customers for their passport photos and sat in it.   (for the uninitiated, a Bumbo seat is for babies 3-6 months old to help them sit up before they can sit up on their own).

*  Stand beside his mother and played with the metal mail-holder we have on the counter for outgoing mail.   He dropped it repeatedly.

During this entire time, Mom never spoke to him, never even turned her head!!!  Not once!

1 comment:

Kaye said...

Oh, please, let me have that kid for a week. That type of behavior would never have occurred under my watch. I guess I'm old fashioned and think kids need to be disciplined and shown how to act.