Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Vennard Birthday Celebrations!

Hubby's kids and grandkids came over for a birthday bash for Hubby, his son Kenny, and his grandson Noah.   All their birthdays fall in a 2 week period.

We started out by letting the kids help decorate the birthday cake.

Elsie adds some frosting.

And Noah adds some more!

And then Elsie adds just a bit more!

The finished product!!

I wonder what Hubby got for a gift??

We made Eggplant from our garden, mashed potatoes (because Hubby insisted we couldn't have his kids over without making mashed potatoes!!) and homemade pasta.

I figured Noah and Elsie would get a kick out of helping me make the pasta.

Finishing off the meal is Noah, Wendy, her boyfriend Brian, Matthew and Kenny.

And Noah couldn't resist bringing in his Halloween costume and showing us the mask!

After dinner the kids went upstairs with Hubby and played some music while the adults stayed downstairs and chatted.  It was a great birthday celebration for three great guys!

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