Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Noah's birthday adventure

For our grandson Noah's 8th birthday, we thought a Duck Boat tour of Boston would be fun.  We also took Noah's little sister Elsie, since Noah came along on Elsie's birthday adventure in January.  Then their Mom Wendy decided to come....and why not invite Wendy's brother Kenny??   Our Birthday Adventure turned into a group of six!

The Duck Boats start out at the Boston Museum of Science, so we picked up Wendy, Noah and Elsie and parked in the Museum of Science parking garage.   Kenny met us there, since he lives in Boston.

We got there about 12:30 and much to our dismay, the first available Duck Boat with six spots was at 4:30!  Oh no!  Now what should we do?

Well, let's all take a walk to Quincy Marketplace for some lunch!  The walk through Boston was an adventure in itself.  The city was packed with people, all out to enjoy the last days of summer.  And it was a perfectly gorgeous day. There was so much to see!  Noah is a great lover of anything with wheels....and we saw taxis, and city buses, and trolleys and subway cars and police cars and fire trucks and ambulances, etc etc etc!  Very exciting!

When we got to Quincy Marketplace there were plenty of buskers and artists and entertainers that were all very intriguing for an 8 year old.

He especially loved the guy playing drums on buckets and pot covers.  It was hard to pull him away!

The Invisible Man was a little scary...but he went as long as Memere went with him!

Wendy, Noah, Elsie and Grampy waited patiently and people-watched while Kenny and I went to get pizza.   It kind of broke my heart to get pizza in a place like Quincy Market...where you can get many more delectable things! .....but there was no way we could bring everyone inside to the food court.  It was shoulder to shoulder!

We still had more time so we continued walking all the way to the Aquarium to see the seals in their outdoor pool.

On the way back we saw a Hard Rock Cafe, so Grampy took them inside to look at all the instruments.  And the nice lady inside let Noah sit behind the drum set!

He loved the guitar-shaped handles on the doors.

And finally...the main event!

Noah, Kenny, Elsie, Wendy and I wait for the ride to start.

We got the America is Beautiful Duck Boat

Hubby and I are excited for the ride to begin!

Elsie checks out the view

The tour guide was amazing....very funny and knowledgeable.   He brought us to this glass skyscraper, where we can see our reflection as well as the reflection of the beautiful old church behind us.

Longfellow Bridge....aka the "Salt and Pepper Bridge" because of its resemblance to salt and pepper shakers!

 Once we did the land tour, the vehicle splashes into the Charles River and becomes a boat!  The highlight of the water portion is when the Captain allows each child on the boat to have a turn at the wheel.

And then he posed for a picture for the Moms and Dads.

We had to laugh, because this was our view of Elsie driving the boat!

But she posed for a photo too

Did Noah have a good time?  I think so!

Time to go home?  yup!

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