Sunday, September 18, 2016

Mendon Drive-In

Hubby has been following along on Ron Howard's tweets about the new movie he was producing about the Beatles.   When the movie was finally being put out, he found out it was only playing in "select theaters" and then later on Hulu.  

I mentioned it to my friend Sylvie, whose husband Jim is also a great Beatles fan.   And she said it would be playing at the Mendon Drive-In.  So I went online and found out that not only was the movie playing there, but they were doing a whole "Beatles Night".   Sylvie and I bought tickets, and we met them down there.

They said they have been open for 62 years, and this was the biggest crowd ever in their history!

The evening started off with a concert by "Studio Two" - a Beatles band that, ironically, we had seen with Sylvie and Jim before.  We brought our lawn chairs, and the place had a "Beer Garden" so we could order drinks!

Kind of hard to see the band with the sun shining behind them.

They put "Ringo" up on the roof!

After the concert, it was dark enough for the movie.   When Hubby and I got in the car, we found that our radio wouldn't play the sound very well!  So we sat outside for most of the movie - we could hear the sound from other cars and from the speakers coming out of the snack bar.

Trying to get a good selfie of the four of us!
#1.  Sylvie's eyes closed!

#2.   Cut Hubby's head off!

#3.  As good as it got!  Almost lost Jim but he's still there!

After the movie, they were playing the Beatles original Shea Stadium concert, so Hubby and I got into the backseat of Sylvie's car, because it was getting cold out!   Not as comfy as I remember it!

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