Monday, June 16, 2014

Audrey's First Birthday

Yes, our youngest granddaughter is now a year old! Where does the time go?  I'm sure you've all heard my mother's old adage, "The older you get the faster the time goes."   Now ain't that the truth?

Perhaps I will just tell the story in pictures....and a few captions:

Nick had most things set up by the time we got there, so Jamie and I helped with the Balloons

Some great photos of the birthday girl were placed about.

Here come some serious party-goers!

Great Grampy and Emma get to chat with Audrey

I had the good fortune to be able to hold her while I fed her some and lots of fruit!

Audrey and her lovely Mom, Kelly

Emily did a great job helping Audrey open her gifts

Seems to be a favorite

A big smile from Great Grampy

Emily showing off the bow she got to keep for being a good helper

We all sang Happy Birthday

Kelly had barely gotten the candle out of the cake when Audrey grabbed her first handful

A little bite for Memere

Mom got a messy kiss...but what about Daddy?

The Happy Family!!

 It was a beautiful party for a beautiful little girl.  Happy Birthday Audrey!   We love you!

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