Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Glorious Weekend

Hubby and I had the great good fortune to be asked to spend the weekend at a friend's lakefront "camp".   Cheryl and Gayle are good friends we've made at the Acoustic Cafe Open Mic we attend almost every Friday night.  They invited Hubby and I and two other couples to spend the weekend in Maine.

The camp turned out to be a very beautiful house.

The deck faces Long Lake

We got up there Friday night with surprisingly little traffic.   Gayle and Cheryl and Rick and Kate were already there.    We decided to go sit outside and, since the mosquitoes are the size of birds in Maine, we chose to sit in the screen house.

A little later, Bob and Pat arrived.  We spent a nice evening sitting around and chatting.

On Saturday we were all up fairly early.  It was a gloriously sunny and beautiful day.....and would stay that way for the whole weekend.

We started a weekend of eating with Cheryl's coffee cake for our "pre-breakfast."   Then after we'd all had our first or second cups of coffee and were fully awake, we indulged in a breakfast of quiche,  sticky buns and yogurt with fruit and granola.

After that it was everyone for themselves.

  Some chose to play music. 

 Others sat and chatted. 

Others enjoyed the boat.


Cheryl did a great job of getting the boat in and out of the dock.  
Even Hubby enjoyed a turn around the lake.

Hubby and I had a lovely time out on a couple of kayaks for an hour or so.

Hubby took this stunning shot of Cheryl out on a solo kayak ride.

Soon it would be time for lunch.  After lunch was more of the same....some napped, some read, some just sat and talked.   In the late afternoon we all paused to watch the Belmont Stakes.   The favored horse lost of course.  But I didn't care. I was prepared with my racing hat and glasses.

Kate provided some delicious appetizers of chicken wings.  And then it was time for dinner!
 (I'm sure there was plenty of snacking involved during the middle part of the day.)
Gayle made some yummy burritos with homemade salsa and guacamole and sour cream and rice.  We were all stuffed, but that didn't stop us from having a taste of Cheryl's lemon cake.  Mmmmm!

After dinner was Hubby's favorite part of the weekend.   We all squeezed ourselves into the screen house for a musical jam.  This time we lit a campfire for some ambiance while they played.


Hubby and Pat





Bob is the official photographer and videographer of the bunch.

Kate wasn't feeling well, but joined in with song whenever she could.

After a great night of music, we all toddled of to bed.

Sunday morning was a repeat of Saturday, with a pre-breakfast and then a real breakfast right after.
It was determined that we  were all getting fat from sitting around and doing nothing but eating.  So we all agreed on a hike up a nearby mountain (hill) so we could have a picnic lunch!

By the time we got back, we had time for a quick swim and then it was time to pack up and go home.

Hubby and I had a great time!

We hit the trifecta of perfection on our weekend up in Maine.  Fantastic weather.  Great food.  And most importantly time spent with wonderful friends.  We created memories that will last a lifetime.  Thanks, friends, for a great weekend.


R Cooper said...

now just a memory...

GS said...

What a cool documentation of a fabulous weekend!! Thanks so much for coming and being such gracious and fun guests:)

elizasmom said...

Oh that looks like a great weekend. We used to go away with friends more often, but right now it's complicated with kids and work. Your post has revived a desire to get back to doing this...