Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I feel it safe to say that Spring has arrived here in New England.   That's saying a lot, because it's not unusual for us to have snow in April, and sometimes even in May.   It's not just that it's warm out.....it smells like Spring!

I love Spring the best because it feels so good to come out of hibernation after a long and difficult winter and spend some time outdoors.  It doesn't matter that we're sitting at our firepit with Winter coats and hats on.  It doesn't matter that I still have to wear Winter boots when Hubby and I go out for a walk, because Spring in New England is also known as Mud Season.  It doesn't matter that I have to step around small piles of snow and ice to rake out my garden.   Just being outside is a terrific attitude adjuster.  The winter blahs just melt away!

And it's exhilarating to see the perennials you planted in the fall begin to push up shoots.  It's exciting to know that your hard work is going to produce beauty.   It's fun to see the squirrels chasing around, catch a glimpse of bunnies in your backyard, or see tracks and know the (damn) deer have been in your yard.  I wait in happy anticipation for the daffodils and forsythia to erupt with their brilliant golden colors.

I look forward to having the best vegetable garden yet.  A higher fence, a bigger plot, a bee-house.......we'll be swimming in yummy vegetables by the end of the summer...just you wait and see!

I love the anticipation of the next few months. I look forward to hiking, canoeing, swimming, gardening.   Inviting family and friends over to share our yard for bbq's and firepit parties.  Spending days and nights at the beach, or in the mountains.  

It's going to be a fantastic Spring and Summer.....and it's all laid out before us....just waiting.

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