Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

I always love when Easter is later in April.   The warm weather and beginnings of spring make the day feel more "Easter-ish"!

We all gathered at my Dad's house for this holiday.  It's the only holiday he's still doing because, as he says, "it's easy".   A couple of different kinds of ham, a turkey breast, mashed potatoes,  raisin sauce (my favorite!), some veggies, salad, etc.   For 25 people.  Easy! LOL   It was buffet style and we ate all over the house as it would have been crazy to set up a table for that many people to sit down to eat.

I have to admire his girlfriend Emma's enthusiasm.  She greeted us with her Bunny Ear headband:

And after dinner we started the Easter Egg hunt.  Emma had created a small basket for each child.  Each basket was a different color, signifying which color eggs each child should look for.    The kids had a blast! And we did too as we watched them racing around the yard.

She even had eggs out there for the two littlest ones


And Eddie

Each child ended out with quite the stash of eggs!






We spent the rest of the day sitting on the lawn, playing with the kids and standing around talking:

Eddie and his Auntie

Emma helping the girls open eggs

Now that's a crew!

The guys:  Steve, Lloyd and John - no doubt discussing motorcycles!

Memere gets to spend some time with Audrey while Daddy helps her open eggs

My Dad was happy to oversee his kingdom

Laura was in seventh heaven with TWO babies to play with!

Emma gave all the kids kites.  Someone said afterwards that she'd told the kids to wait and take them out when they got home, but I don't think the adults heard that....or didn't listen!

Angie working hard to get the kite up in the air

Emmy got it up!

Mine only went up for a few seconds

Our four-generation photo
My Dad, Me, Son Nick and Baby Audrey

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elizasmom said...

Color coded baskets and eggs! Genius! Looks like it was a beautiful day!