Sunday, March 9, 2014

Puppet Theater

Today was the day we finally took Elsie out for her 2-year birthday present.   We also took along Noah and his Mom, Wendy, because we took them to a Puppet Theater.

I haven't been to something of this sort in a long, long time. In this day and age of electronic everything, it was pretty refreshing to sit and watch a show made entirely with someone's own hands.  Drawbridge Puppet Theater is a little house made over into a theater.  I really have to applaud the people who put so much time and effort into this endeavor.

When you walk in, there's a tiny area where they sell the tickets.  On the wall they have some artwork by local artists.  This is one of the reasons we knew about the theater.  Some of Hubby's artwork is displayed there!

Then you walk into the theater.   It's set up with chairs facing the stage.   Only children are allowed to sit in the front two rows.  There's a big purple curtain, and then some smaller openings where puppets peaked out periodically.  Most of the puppets are marionettes.  I think the theater did a great job of putting on the show.
Noah, who is five, was quite enthralled, and understood the entire story.  Elsie, who is two, had more fun climbing on and off the chairs and playing with a sticker book her mother brought.  But it was fun to get out as a family.

After the show, the kids were invited to take a prize out of the treasure chest.  Noah got a spider ring and Elsie got a bouncy ball. Then we went out on the porch where they had hung all the puppets for us to see up close and touch.

It was a fun time to spend with our grandkids.....and nice to do something creative and non-electronic!  The owner told us they have people put on shows, so we're going to give him our Halloween show and see if we can present that in the fall.

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