Wednesday, March 12, 2014


My aversion to shopping is well-documented.  If I can do it online, I'd much rather do that than go into a store.   I'm also the type of person who wears something until it's threadbare.  And that's what happened with my shoes.  I'm not a "shoe person".  If I have one pair each of brown, black and white shoes for summer an winter, I'm happy.   But I'd had my shoes for so long, they were in a deplorable state.

AAA was having a special sale with Reebook/Rockport......45% off everything for this week.  There is a new outlet up in Merrimack, so Hubby and I thought we'd take a ride there this past weekend and look at shoes for me.   Well, as usual, the weekend was too busy, so I went by myself last night while Hubby was visiting his grandkids.

I was cursing myself as I left Salem, because the after-work traffic going north was horrendous.  But after I got past a certain area, it cleared out and I could move along.  It was kind of nice to be out driving while it was still light out, and the weather was nice enough that I had my car window open and my music blasting.

I finally got to the outlets, but had no idea where in the vast array of stores the Rockport store might be.  So I just parked the car and started walking.  It was Tuesday night so the place was pretty deserted, which was fine by me!   I was very disappointed, however, when I got to the Rockport store and they had nothing that would be appropriate for me to wear to work.

On the way back to the car, I saw a "Crocs" store and decided to stop in.   Crocs used to be pretty ugly.

Certainly not something I could wear to work!   But they've come a long way since then, so I went into the store and hit the jackpot!   I bought these:

And these for the summer

All these shoes were on clearance for $20 apiece!!   But I really needed a pair of brown winter shoes, and they didn't have any on clearance in my size.   So I chose a pair of brown ones marked $32, and went to the counter.  

"If I buy these three pair of shoes for $20, can I get this other pair marked $32 for the $20 as well?"
Never hurts ask right?   and his answer was sure!  So I got these:

Four pairs of shoes for $80!  And they should last me a good five years!   I'll have to keep my eyes open now for some white sandals!!

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elizasmom said...

I have been deplorable at commenting the past several weeks, but I'm stopping by to say hello and kudos on your bargain-scoring! Nice work!!