Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Soup for Supper Sundays

Every year I say the same thing.  During the winter, I will make a nice, savory soup for supper on Sundays, and then have leftover soup for lunch the rest of the week.

I haven't done so well over the years.  I make a pot or two of soup, then the idea falls by the wayside.

So I'm trying again this year.  I started with my favorite - Bertucci's Sausage Soup.   That made a delicious supper, and I was happy to eat it for the whole week at lunch.

The following week, I cooked a chicken on Saturday night, and industriously made a chicken pot pie with the leftovers, then boiled the chicken carcass for some soup.   And I made a big pot of soup.

I ate the leftovers last week, and I still had a half-pot of soup in the fridge.  This Sunday turned out to be a rare night when we  had an activity, so I didn't make a new pot of soup.  The idea being, I still had plenty of soup from last week for my lunches.

But two weeks of the same soup is beyond my limit.  I decided after eating it again at lunch yesterday that I don't want to eat the same soup again for the rest of this week.  (which, granted, is only two more days since I have Thursday and Friday off).   So that soup is now in the freezer, and hopefully I'll make another pot next Sunday.

I have lots of recipes....my Dad loves soup and passes his favorite recipes on to me.  So it might be minestrone, it might be cream of broccoli, it might be stuff pepper soup.   We'll see on Sunday what strikes my fancy.

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