Saturday, November 24, 2012

I think I made the Right Decision

So....yesterday was Black Friday.   Did you know about that?  I did....because the @#$% TV stations played commercial after commercial.  Almost....but not quite as irritating as the political ads.

As we all know, it's against my religion to go shopping.  And most assuredly, I would never set foot in a retail establishment on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  Never mind the fact that it ticks me off that the shopping is now encroaching upon my favorite holiday.

So, to further emphasize my aversion to shopping, I convinced Hubby to take me in the exact opposite direction.  (Although, let's face it, it didn't take much convincing).

We went to the beach.  Specifically, the Marginal Way in Ogunquit, ME.  A bastion of tranquility and peace.   There were plenty of people there.  Anti-shoppites like me.  But they were a different breed of people.  They were the ones who were happy to stroll along, sit on benches to watch the surf, and meander along the beach.   A bit different from the shoving, screaming crazies of the shopping world.

I'm pretty sure I made the Right Decision on how to spend my day.

NOTE:  I was going to put a picture here.  However, Blogger is telling me that my free photo storage on Picasa is full.  I didn't even know I had a Picasa!  If I want to upgrade for more storage I have to pay for it.  If I delete pictures that are already on there to make room, they take those photos off the blog post I had put them on.  So.....who knows how to change my storage location?

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Kaye said...

Don't ask me for technical advice. Sheesh, blogger is a pain in the a** at times! Lots of times, actually. I love the Marginal Way! Every year we go to the cape in MA and then head to Eliot to see friends. No trip to ME is complete without a walk in Ogunquit. It would be fun to meet up there!