Sunday, June 24, 2012

Neil Diamond!!

Hubby gave me tickets to a Neil Diamond concert for Christmas.  After 6 long months of waiting....we finally got to go!

I got some free tickets at work for the Phantom Gourmet BBQ Beach Party in Government Center in Boston.  Since we were going into Boston anyway, we decided to combine the two. 

Of course, before we left the house, it started thunderstorming.   (which, in a way, was a good thing.  Otherewise we wouldn't have brought jackets.)

We never like to park in the city, so we parked at Sullivan Square and took the T into North Station.  Naturally, when we got there, it wasn't really raining, so we decided to walk the 1/2 mile to Government Center instead of switching trains.......and then the skies opened up.

It was kind of funny to see all the people scurrying like rats to find cover.  Every doorway was filled with people trying not to get wet.  

While huddling in our doorway, we met a very nice family from the UK, who asked where we were from.  We told them New Hampshire, and they weren't quite sure where that was.   When we explained it was just north of us, next to Vermont, the Englishman said he had family that had emigrated to Vermont.  And then the wife asked if we were farmers.

When the rain let up, we went and checked out the Beach BBQ.  It was pretty cool with a bunch of tents set up and BBQ's cooking away.   But it was still raining, and there was no place to sit outside, so we decided to find someplace indoors to eat.

Hubby has always wanted to go to the Hard Rock Cafe, so we got completely soaked (as now it was downpouring again) making our way to the restaurant.    There was a 20 minute wait - which was making me nervous about getting to the concert on time.   Hubby and I walked around looking at all the guitars and memorabilia on the walls while we waited.  Then Hubby admitted he didn't care if we ate there, he just wanted to see all the stuff.

They hadn't called our table yet, so we decided to bail on the Hard Rock Cafe and go to Quincy Marketplace instead.   We each grabbed a quick meal.....Greek Food for Hubby, and Seafood for me. (Clam Chowdah and Scallops wrapped in bacon for me......mmmmmmm!)

Finally the rain had completely stopped so we walked over to the Garden for our concert.   I love the atmosphere, I love watching the people, I love watching the venue fill slowly with people while we wait for the concert to start.

 Finally, the big moment arrived, and Neil Diamond came out on the stage.  It was a great concert!  Neil has a wonderful stage presence, and worked hard to engage the crowd and make everyone feel comfortable.   He sang a lot of his old songs - not too many of  the new ones.    We sang along to some of them.   Our seats were up high, and we could look down on the stage and see all the musicians - which was a show in itself.     The crowd went wild when he started singing "Sweet Caroline".....a Boston Red Sox favorite.

Now we're finally off on our long-awaited trip to Niagara Falls.   See you all in a week!!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you finally got to take your vacation! Enjoy every moment...