Monday, March 19, 2012

Work Hard and Have Some Fun

When Hubby and I first bought our house, we ran ourselves ragged because we were so enthusiastic about renovating.   It didn't take us long to realized that we could burn ourselves out very quickly.  So now we try to subscribe to the "Work Hard, Play Hard" philosophy.

Our work this weekend consisted of finishing the sanding in the bedroom.  Altogether, I estimated that Hubby and  I put in a total of 35 man/woman hours sanding the floor.    But I like how it came out.

It's still rustic and original, but cleaner than it was before.   Now I'll be able to paint the ceiling and walls, then put a couple coats of varnish on the floor.

Our fun for the weekend was going to Winnikinni Castle a few towns over and enjoying a lovely walk along the water and up to the castle.

And for a little added extra fun, we went with my brother and his wife and daughter to Kowloon's for chinese food on Saturday night, and went to visit my Dad before our walk on Sunday.

A lovely weekend.

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