Tuesday, March 13, 2012

On A More Serious Note

Unbelievably, I've started this post four times.  I'm not sure what I want to say, but feel compelled to say something.   There are situations in life that change you, some for the better, some for the worse.

We've had a situation going on in our office for quite a long time.  Three years in fact.   There are seven people in our office who get along well.  And there's one who does not.   Unfortunately, it's that one bad apple that spoiled the whole damn bunch.  (I think there's a song in that!)

I've always subscribed to the philosophy that it's your own attitude toward people that should dictate how you relate to them.   In this case, with someone so offensive, so aggravating, so completely unprofessional and out of line, my normal attitude would be to avoid this person.   However, since I work with her, it was impossible.

Next scenario would be to change jobs.   I thought of doing that over and over again - in fact, Hubby mentioned many times that "there's no law saying you can't find another job".    But other than this person, I like my job - I like the people I work with - I like my supervisor.  I like working in my own hometown.   And frankly, there was a certain stubbornness  -  a little voice saying "Why should I be the one to change jobs, when she's the one who should leave?"

So I stayed.  And complained, and was aggravated and at times infuriated.   I have to give kudos to Hubby, who let me rant and rave night after night, then calmed me down and made me change my attitude.  This attitude would last until about an hour after I went to work in the morning, when this co-worker would manage to infuriate me all over again.

Did we complain? yes.  Did we have meetings?  yes.  Did we file grievances? yes.   And for some reason we could not understand, this person continued working there.

Finally, this past week, she went over the line one time too many, and they fired her.  It's like a shade has been raised on a sunny day.   For the first time in years, I got up on a Monday morning and didn't dread going in to work.   And the day was so...........normal.    We chatted about our weekend, we worked hard, we took care of our customers, we had a quiet lunch.....all the normal workday things that are taken for granted. 

And I relished every one of them.   I know as time goes on, I'll lose that feeling of intense gratitude that the difficult times are over and we can have a normal workday.  But I hope that doesn't happen too soon.  I want to be thankful for my job, for my co-workers, for having a place to go to for 8 hours a day that I enjoy.  

Life is good..........

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