Monday, December 26, 2011

Long Live the King

It started out innocently enough.   My sister wanted to send out an email to help my father out.  She decided to be cute about it:

As personal secretary to the King of Danville, I am writing to announce that lunch on Christmas will be at 1pm.   King Dad requires B.Y.O.F......bring your own food.  Rumor has it Steve is bringing Nachos! yum!

I, unfortunately, simply replied with "Okey dokey".

My brother John replied with:

Could you please convey my allegiance to the King and convey to him that we will have our royal asses to The land of Danville prior to the 1:00 start of the Royal Christmas luncheon and that we will be bringing a loaf of meat. Your loyal subject, Sir John of Methuen  

My brother Steve chimed in with:

Indeed the earl of Salisbury is bringing southwestern fare to the feast.... The dessert shall remain a surprise until the proscribed time.

Me: I'm kind of embarrassed that my only response was "okey dokey".

Chris:  I wasn't gonna say anything...Steve is the Earl of Salisbury...John is Sir John of Methuen...and I'm the King's friggin' secretary???? What the????

Me:   And somehow I ended out married to the Court Jester!

Daughter-in-Law Kara:  I believe I, Lady of Naylor Manor, may have violated a sacred law as I contacted the King Himself earlier this week. My punishment shall be to act as the King's dessert tester, hereby ensuring no dessert has been poisoned before it graces the King's lips. I am humbly bringing vegetarian fare but promise it will be hearty enough for those looking forward to the loaf of meat.

Daughter Jamie:  And I, the Adorable Troll of Naylor Manor, shall remove any offenders of untasty desserts as well as the unfortunate body of The Lady of Naylor Manor.  Good day!

And then it continued into the next day:

Steve:  I, the earl of Salisbury wish to rain pestilence down upon the fish of Miami..... Any takers for this quest???  (Our New England Patriots were playing Saturday vs. the Miami Dolphins)

John:  I believe The Knight Brady of Gillette had taken care of the lowly Fish of Miami.

Me:  The Duchess of Salem and the Court Jester were in the exalted presence of The Lord and Lady of Methuen as we viewed The Knight of Gillette and his mighty henchmen annihilate the Lowly Fish of Miami. And it was good.

Not one to let a good joke die, my brother John finished it off with a special Christmas Gift for the King of Danville.


tag vennard said...

not to mention the king has conferred the royal moose unto his loyal court jester! long live the king!

elizasmom said...

You guys won Christmas. That is all.