Tuesday, December 13, 2011


It's always such a joy to spend time with our grand-daughter Emily.  She is adorable, smart, funny and full of energy.   This past weekend, we took her to Charmingfare Farm for their Santa Christmas party.

While I wasn't overly impressed in what the farm had to offer for their Christmas party, Emily enjoyed it immensely, which was all that mattered.

The part that was even more fun was driving to the farm and back.   On the way up, she regaled us with a concert of all the Christmas songs she's learned in preschool.  She was pretty impressed that Pepere and I know the words!  

After she'd sung all the songs she knew, she wanted to sing the "song about how many days are left" which I thought must be a song she'd learned in school.  Eventually, we figured out it was "The 12 Days of Christmas."   Pepere and I struggled through it, trying to remember each verse, and Emily kept right along with us, singing out a resounding "FIVE GOLDEN RINGS" each time.

After that, she decided we should make up our own 12 days of Christmas song.   It started out, "on the ONEth day of Christmas" and we chose something for each verse.   Emily put on the voice of the teacher, "Now .....who would like to chose what should be for number 6?   Pepere!  You're turn!!"   When I chose seven silly monkeys hanging from a tree, that was deemed "not pretty enough" so I had to change it to seven pink monkeys.  

I was pretty impressed that she not only remembered what we'd chosen for each verse, when we got to the end of each verse, she knew without fail what the next number should be.

My favorite quote of the day came on the ride home.   It was very cold on Saturday, and we were all pretty cold when we left the farm.   When we drove by a lake, I told Emily that was a lake where Pepere and I had taken our canoe.    "You have a canoe?  Can I go in the canoe with you some time?" she asked.    I said, "Yes, but we have to wait until the summer when it's warm."

She says, "But Memere, it's warm now."   

"Emily, remember how cold we just were? It's cold outside."

 "No, it's warm."

So I sang, "Baby, it's cold outside."

And in perfect pitch, she sang right back, " Sweetheart, it's warm outside!"

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