Friday, January 28, 2011

Just give me my bras!

I'm usually all about shopping online. It's fast, it's easy and I don't have to waste time driving from store to store to find what I want. So it's time for new bras and I went to my online bra store For a long time, I had the style number and size of the bra I liked and that I knew fit me, so I'd just order a few every few months. A while ago, they discontinued that style, and I've been trying to find another style I like ever since. I went on the site, only to see that they'd redone the whole site and anyone who had an account would have to re-apply for an account all over again. sighhhhh........ I chose a couple of new styles to try. The site was incredibly slow (as in, go off and browse other sites while waiting for the site to load). The bras went into my shopping cart, and I went to the billing page and re-entered all my info. And here came the glitch. I always have my billing address, and then I have a separate shipping address because I send packages to my work address. And no matter what I did, it kept telling me that my shipping address was "already in use". Finally, I gave up and called. The woman couldn't have been nicer. I told her their website was being agonizingly slow and she said their IT dept. was already on it. I told her what was happening with my order.....namely that it wouldn't let me put in my shipping address......and she offered to take my order over the phone. She was fast and efficient. She offered to waive my shipping fee because of the problems I'd had, and somehow, on top of that, the bras themselves were about $8 less than I thought they would be! minute later she called me back....laughing....asking me for the shipping address she forget to get from me in her efficiency.

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