Monday, November 23, 2009

Grocery Shopping Bliss

This week is the craziest shopping week of the the grocery store. And my town seems like it's ten times more horrible than any other when it comes to shopping. I carefully avoided the grocery store this weekend. A friend who went last Thursday at 10am said there wasn't a grocery cart to be had. And the few times I've been stupid enough to go the day before Thanksgiving, the line for the check-out stretches around Produce, through the Meat dept. and all along the back of the store. I've learned my lesson. I decided this year to go at 7am this morning. I made a list, I made Hubby check the list, and then I checked it again. There would be no going back to the store at any time this week. Period. I got to the store as it opened. I parked one space away from the entrance. I picked a cart from the very long line of carts still available at the front of the store. As I headed toward Aisle 1, I dug the list out of my pocket. Sadly, it was not my grocery list. It was an old shopping list for Wal-mart. Damn, Damn and Double Damn! I considered going back home for the list, but I just didn't want to put in the time and effort. I would shop from memory (Bwahhhhhaaahhhaaa!) It was so calm and blissful and quiet as I cruised up and down the aisles. I carefully thought in my head what was needed to make it through the whole week, including a Thanksgiving dinner for my Hubby's kids on Saturday. I made it to the end, then turned around and went back for the things I missed. It was absolute heaven to have no people, no lines, no waiting. The cashier and bag-boy were pleasant as we joked about how insane it would be later in the day/week. It was the cashier's first time, but the bag-boy was a pro with three years of experience. I even remembered to use my Gift Card and to get quarters for my laundry this week. When I got back to the car.......there was my list sitting on the front seat! After I stopped laughing, I checked the list. I had not forgotten a single essential item!!! It's a Thanksgiving miracle!!!! The only thing I did forget was the Tension Tamer Tea......but I won't be needing that, now, will I?


tag vennard said...

She's making a list, and checking it twice....! That's OK baby we have enough tension tamer for the week! You're the best!
I love you

Kaye said...

Shop from memory, bwahahahah! That made me chuckle out loud. We're in Mashpee this week and the Cape traffic is insane.We spend 45 minutes yesterday just to get over the Sagamore bridge since it's down to one lane. Arghhhhh. Have a good week and a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.