Sunday, November 15, 2009

Are there MORE Omaha Steaks in my Future?

As I've mentioned before, my very sweet old Auntie Izy is now living about 2 minutes away from me. She has no immediate family since her son died last October, so our family has adopted her (she's my father's brother's widow). We invite her to holidays, etc, and we've let her know to call on us anytime she needs help. Last year my sister and her husband helped her move from her house to the elderly housing in my town. As a reward, she sent them a box of Omaha Steaks. I offered to help her with her medical directives and her finances......she then sent me a box of Omaha Steaks. Just a couple weeks ago, my brother John, who is an auto-body tech by trade, offered to fix up a little dent and scratch on her car from a fender-bender. He was finally bestowed the honor of receiving a box guessed it.......Omaha Steaks. This weekend, Auntie called and asked, "who in the family might be best to put together a small cabinet for her". Since Hubby is an assembler, I assured her we'd be happy to come over and Hubby could put her cabinet together for her. We went over this morning and I spent two hours visiting with Auntie while Hubby built her cabinet. As we were leaving, I could see her fishing in a drawer and thought, "Oh crap, she's going to offer him 20 bucks for helping her. There's going to be a big fight". She didn't offer him 20 bucks.....she offered him $100! They argued....and Hubby surreptitiously left the money on the kitchen table while I said goodbyes to Auntie at the door. I'm sure she found it after we left. I can only guess there will be some Omaha Steaks in our future now.

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tag vennard said...

And the Omaha Steaks probably cost over $100! she said "Its only money" which I say all the time but I say it because I dont have any!