Sunday, September 10, 2017

Emily's 10th Birthday Adventure

For Emily's 10th Birthday Adventure this year, Emily decided she'd like to go to Jay Gee's.   (After Memere vetoed the "Emoji Movie" and a High Ropes Course!)

Jay Gee's is a great place to spend the day!

We started with a round of Mini-Golf.  There were many "hazards" including this alligator that Emily was able to to tame and ride.

It was a very easy-going game with all of us being equally inept, and no score was kept.

Emily also managed to ride the back of the incredibly weird looking gorilla!

After the mini-golf we tried out the go-carts.   Pepere challenged us to a race.

Emily and I came in first place!!

Before we went inside to the arcade, we all took a turn in the batting cages.  Somehow I got no photo of that.

The Spinning Bumper Cars were next.   Lots of fun and it was quite okay to bang into other drivers!

Ski-ball is always a favorite.

But Emily hit the jackpot on the Wheel!   

Yup, 750 tickets!

Unbelievably, they all spewed out of the machine.  I stood there for literally 5 minutes waiting for them all to come out!

Emily challenged me to a game of air hockey.  She barely beat me 7-6.

Then it was Pepere's turn.  Emily went all-out to make the plays!

And beat him 7-2!

She ended with 1019 tickets!   She got an emoji pillow and some disappearing ink.

We had one more coupon left for a go-cart ride, so Emily took a turn with Pepere.  He's a much slower driver than Memere and not very safe!

Emily really enjoyed Jay Gees!

We finished off with some ice cream.  I had a hard time holding the camera, my ice cream AND taking the my ice cream has a prominent place in this photo.

Emily had a strawberry  Slushie....

And Pepere chose Crazy Vanilla...."You gotta be crazy to have Crazy Vanilla!"

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