Sunday, December 4, 2016

Elise's First Birthday Party

We celebrated the First Birthday of our youngest Grandbaby - Elise Victoria!   She got all decked out in her fanciest birthday dress for the occasion.

Big Sister Audrey was excited for the party as well!

We gathered the cousins together for one good photo before the partying began.

I joined in for a Memere photo with my girls.

Elise checks out her Great-Grandpa

Elise is quite excited to get the party started!!

The "Before Cake" photo

Why not just eat it all in one bite??

Daddy lets Audrey help blow out the candles

The "After Cake" photo

Which Emily thinks is quite amusing!

Audrey got her share of birthday cake too.

Aunt Jamie starts a game of "Whack Each Other with the Balloon"

A perfect family photo!!

Time to open gifts!

I was delighted that Elise seemed to love the babydoll and sock monkey I gave her.

One last group photo with Elise, the sock monkey, the babydoll and Audrey!

A very happy Memere!

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Joan J said...

You do have some beautiful grandchildren!!! :) And it's always a wonderful day when you get a chance to have them all together.