Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas with the Whole Fam-damily!

Since my Dad is not living in his own house this year - he moved in with my sister - I volunteered to have the family over for Christmas this year.

I immediately started worrying about whether or not I could fit 25 people into my house.  I've had large parties before but always outside.  Not to worry.....the weather was so warm half the party hung around outside!

I was so very happy to get a visit from Branden and his girlfriend Kayla.  I haven't seen them since last Christmas!

Typical guys... Doug, Marc and Chris hang out in the kitchen.

The tree all ready with gifts for giving!

The kids had a blast using all the fun toys in Uncle Tag's music room.  Hailey sings us a tune!

Marc and his girlfriend Courtney

My favorite family -  Ruth, Laura and John

Branden brought his ukulele and cracks Laura up!

The meal was pot-luck - and we had a plethora of crockpots!  A record six!  Everything was delicious, of course!

Lucky for us, the kids got ahold of the camera and took some very good pictures!  Ciera was so happy to eat Great-Grandpa's mac and cheese.

My brother John - love him!

Uncle Tag just happened to find a seat at the dessert table.

Sammi is surprised by the paparazzi when 
she walks through the door.

They even got a photo of me!

Damien is absolutely the cutest little munchkin you ever saw!  The best story of the day - my daughter Jamie was holding a cookie, and just for fun, Laura went over and took a huge bite out of it.  A few minutes later, I went into the kitchen and Damien was digging through the cookie plate.  He was trying to find a reindeer cookie that still had both its antlers and its red nose, so he could, "Give it to that girl who was holding her cookie and then that other girl ate it."   Isn't that cute?

Beautiful family - my son Doug, his wife Kara and my granddaughter Emily.

My brother Steve, his wife Angie and Damien.

Uncle Tag wearing glasses made by one of the kids.  I put out all kinds of art supplies on the table in my room so the kids could play in there.

Laura got to be "Santa" this year and hand out the gifts.

My sister Chris and her husband Lloyd cracking up over something while opening their gift.

Courtney, Marc, Chris and Sammi doing the same!

I think it's Ciera taking a selfie!

Jamie loves her new Minions fluffy blanket.

My Dad sporting his Peanuts hat....push the button and it plays the song from the Peanuts show!

A great photo of Lloyd.

One of the kids got a photo of the penguins my sister and her husband gave me.

Steve fading fast at the end of the day.

The day was a huge success!  Once again, I am so grateful for our big house where I can welcome family to come and celebrate the holiday.   Thank you so much to my whole family for coming out and joining us!

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