Monday, November 23, 2015

Emily's Fundraiser Gala

My granddaughter Emily goes to a charter school- "Birches Academy".   They don't get all the funding that the public schools do, so they have several fundraisers every year to make up the difference.  Their biggest fundraiser is their Gala Event.  Hubby and I got to go and enjoy the festivities!

Since it's a "Gala", Emily got all dressed up for the event.  As usual, she looked beautiful!

The fundraiser included a nice dinner, and many, many opportunities to donate to the school.   One of the first things we did on arrival is check out the Surprise Gift table.  A child or adult could buy a ticket, and then pick a wrapped gift and whatever you get is what you keep.

Emily and I checked out the table.  

And she finally picked this gift!  It turned out to be a telescope!  After all the gifts were bought, they offered to let kids go back to the table and swap with another child if they wished.  Emily did, and traded her telescope to a boy who'd gotten a Polly Pockets playset!

There was also a 50/50 raffle, a wine raffle, a raffle to win a 55" TV, a basket raffle, and a silent auction.   Kara won a painting that Emily's class had made and Doug won a photo of Ted Williams.  Pepere and I won nothing!  LOL

A beautiful family - Kara, Emily and Doug

Pepere and I got to pose with our gorgeous granddaughter too.

Emily and her best friend Maurie.....(I know I spelled that wrong)
Emily was even more than usually super-excited because Maurie was going to be having a sleep over at Emily's house!!!

After the dinner, there was a very entertaining show put on by some enterprising young men who made all their own instruments.  

And finally, a band played so everyone could dance.

Emily and her friends had been dancing all night.  It was fantastic to meet her friends and their families and see her have so much fun.

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