Friday, October 9, 2015

Topsfield Fair 2015

One of our favorite activities in the fall is attending the Topsfield Fair.  This  year's theme was "Sunflowers"

Children created displays of decorated pumpkins

The largest pumpkin this year was just under a ton.


We got to hold newborn chicks and 
watch some hatch from their shells.

My friend the Llama.....he has fuzzy lips!

Also made friends with some cute goats.

and an Alpaca!

 Then it was time to eat!  A plate of freshly fried potato chips.  I told the guy it was a ridiculous amount of chips.........

But I did manage to eat them all!  (with a little help from my friend)

Checked out the craft area.....
maybe this should be my new winter look

It took us a while to find the sand sculpture

This cow is as happy as a pig in mud

Speaking of pigs.......

The traditional Topsfield Fair photo

One of our "must see" attractions.....Robinson's Racing Pigs

A little parade 

Finally at night we stayed for some of the rodeo.  I have to say it was very badly organized....but the announcer kept us laughing with all his goofs and gaffs. 

Really a fun-filled day and the weather was perfect!

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Joan J said...

Love it. There sure are worse ways to spend the day. Looks like you had great weather too! Life is good :) xoxo