Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

It's always such a pleasure to have my kids over for a special day.  Mother's Day is a great time to have our first cookout of the season.  My kids were all available......Hubby's kids could not make it.  

This year, I asked my Dad to join us too. He doesn't get to see his great-grandchildren very often so this was a perfect opportunity.

This picture makes me laugh.  I always complain that in photos of me I look mad when I'm not.  This is where I get it from!  My Dad had a great time!  Really!!!

Emily thought it was funny that she brought a great big jar of gigantic pickles.  She and her Great-Grandpa each ate a whole one.  Funny, because Great-Grandpa's nickname for her is Pickles!

 Emily gave me a stuffed penguin as a gift.  At the bottom of the bag was also a pile of fake poop!  She thought it was hilarious!  Apparently the poop gets passed around quite a bit.  She took it home to give to some other poor, unsuspecting person.

Nick arrived with Audrey.  She's almost two and just adorable.  Nick's pretty cute too.

Auntie Jamie and Emily helped Audrey on the slide.  Both were very patient but I don't think Audrey ever went down!

We all stuffed our faces with burgers, dogs, sausage, chips, veggies, fruit, salad, etc.

Emily indulged me in a game of croquet.  Hubby got me a vintage croquet set for Christmas and I've been dying to play.  I had to wait for all the snow to melt first!!  Emily, the little stinker, hit her ball through the last two wickets and hit the post to win the game!

Love this photo of Nick and Audrey.  Great-Grandpa gave Audrey an early birthday gift.....a stuffed fairy with a June birthstone.  Her name is Pearl and Audrey loved her right away.  My birthday is in June too, and so was my Grandmother's.   I was given her  ceramic angel when she passed away that says, "Ange de Juin" which I will now pass down to Audrey.

Kara helping Emily with a game on her IPod (IPad??  Whatever!)

There were rumbles of thunder and some raindrops, so we all grabbed stuff and ran inside.  The sun came out as soon as we got in!

Doug just being his goofy self!

Once again, the word "poop" brings a smile to Emily's face.  The card she got me for my birthday had that on the front cover!

Emily read Audrey a story...and Audrey had us in stitches as she repeated every single word Emily read.

And then Audrey sang me a happy song!

Love those kids!  Love those grandkids!!

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