Sunday, September 7, 2014

Family Reunion 2014

Tag gives a wave while chatting with John in the water.

Laura (John and Ruth's daughter) enjoys her new baby-crush, Anthony. (Bianca's baby and Glenn's grandson)

Laura and Anthony chat with Cassie. (Glenn's daughter)

Laura introduces Anthony to her boyfriend, Austin.

Mason (Sabrina's son and Francine's grandson) and his Pepere (John)

Jessica and  Sammi  (Chris' daughters) and Jamie (my daughter) and Kyle (Jessica's husband) 
share their lunch.

Ruth (John's wife) telling a story to Janice (Glenn's wife)

Mason turned a year old and enjoyed opening some gifts with his Daddy, Joe (Sabrina's boyfriend)

John says, "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?"

Cheyenne (daughter of Joe and Brandy, Granddaughter of Bob and Nancy)  gets a chance to play on the beach with "Pip" and Uncle Matt.

Joe and Brandy

Joe and daughter Cheyenne

The beach crowd.  Lots of the kids went in swimming.  The adults stuck their feet in.

The crowd sings happy birthday to Mason.

Mason and Mom Sabrina.

Nick (my son) and Kelly arrive with baby Audrey.

Alyssa (Glenn's daughter) making friends with a frog.

Glenn enjoying his grandson Anthony while mom Bianca looks on.

Glenn and Anthony

Laura also enjoying the frog.


Great-Grampy gives Audrey (his great-granddaughter) a kiss.

and a little tease!

Nick attempts to take Audrey swimming.

The Peanut Gallery - Michael (Gary's son), Tommy, Cathy, me and Chelsea (Cathy's daughter)

Audrey gets a ride from her Mom, Kelly

Audrey makes Auntie Fran crack up!

As usual, I regret we weren't able to get photos of everyone who was there.  I'm sorry I missed so many people.  Thank you so much to everyone who was there.  I love that we are able to keep this going year after year.   It was a beautiful day!!!

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