Monday, May 19, 2014

On the Verge

Spring is the most wonderful season!!  Especially after the long and freezing winter we had.   There is nothing as wonderful as being able to spend time outside.....watching stuff grow!

A couple of jonquils that Hubby rescued from the back yard.

This flower was in too much sun last seems to like a shadier spot.

The across-the-street neighbor's Azalea has already bloomed.  He gets full afternoon sun over there.   This beautiful bush was "rescued" from the next-door-neighbor's yard when the house was abandoned.

Pansies are the happiest flower ever.

Good to see flowers everywhere and the American Flag flying.

Daylilies I just planted in the fall look like they're going to do pretty well against the stone wall.  

My new bird

Bleeding Heart I got from my good friend Sylvie.  They were her late father's flowers.....I'm  honored to have them in my garden.

The new front English Garden.......taking it's time coming in.

Second year on the side English Garden.  Last year I was very pleased with how it looked...this year should be even better.

Irises just waiting to burst.

Doesn't look like much now!  But just planted beans and summer squash.

Tiny Pea plants coming up.

Newly mowed backyard at sunset.

Tiger lilies were there when we bought the house....they will look spectacular in another month or two.

Climbing Clematis from Auntie Izy's garden.  I'm hoping they'll cover the lattice fence.

This doesn't look like much but it's Forsythia given to us by Hubby's boss.  One day it'll be huge shrubs that form a natural fence between our yard and the neighbor's.

The lush green grass Hubby just mowed.

The scene of many a good time to come.

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elizasmom said...

inspiring! I did some yard work this weekend, but I have no where near your space nor expertise. I wish we could grow tiger lilies, but everything lily-ish I plant gets eaten by those stupid red lily bugs.