Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Giving Thanks

1.   Hubby
2.   Hubby's patience
3.   Hubby's romanticism
4.   Three Wonderful children
5.   Four sweet grandbabies
6.   Dad
7.   My sister and the first step we took to rebuild our relationship
8.   My brother who's always there for me.
9.   My sister-in-law who is such a good person
10. My Niece who is such a sweet girl
11. All the rest of my family, both far and near
12. Memories of my Mom
13. Good friends I've know for years
14. Great people I work with
15. Musical friends who add so much to my life
16. Our house
17. The front porch where I can sit with a cup of tea and a newspaper
18. The backyard where we can have BBQ's
19. Campfires
20. Fresh vegetables from the garden
21. Perennial flowers in the garden
22. Hubby's hard work
23. Sunny summer days to sit in the yard and read
24. a 50-pound weight loss
25. the ability to do things I haven't done in years
26. Doing the Spartan Race!
27. Sharing that experience with my daughter
29. working at a job I enjoy
30. Tanglewood
31. Vermont
32. the Marginal Way
33. Newburyport boardwalk
34. Hampton Beach
35. going on adventures with Hubby
36. Hubby's job
37. Enough money
38. A little extra money for adventures
39. No injuries when I totaled my car
40. cars that run
41. no car payments
42. the ability to keep in touch with people
43. Facebook
44. taking walks with Hubby
45. free books from the library
46. Parker's Maple Barn
47. real maple syrup
48. hubby's fried chicken
49. snicker's ice cream bars
50. french toast
51. online shopping
52. Craig's list
53. netflix
54. sleeping late on a winter morning
55. getting up early on a summer morning
56. sitting around the campfire on a fall night
57. s'mores
58. our new living room
59. friends who come to visit in our new living room
60. family coming for the holidays
61. my ability to sew
62. being asked to make my granddaughter's Halloween costume
63. taking my granddaughter to Canobie for her birthday
64. listening to her stories and made-up songs
65. listening to hubby play the piano
66. listening to hubby play the guitar
67. learning new songs to sing
68. singing songs for friends
69. going out to eat
70. finding new recipes to cook
71. exercising
72. listening to our friends' cd's
73. having enough cd's to listen all the way to DC
74. going to the movies
75. free movie tickets from work
76. bonuses and incentives at work
77. favorite TV shows
78. walking along the beach in the winter
79. a warm house
80. laughing til I cry
81. Hubby's arms around me when I really cry
82. Hubby's encouragement in my weight loss
83. everyone's encouraging comments about my weight loss
84. walking in the woods
85. swimming in my brother's pool
86. my brother's cooking
87. visiting with my family
88. laughing our butts off over a card game
89. sock monkeys
90. going to the zoo
91. apple picking
92. Red Sox World Series Champions!
93. Patriots football
94. Rein's Deli
95. watching my daughter play football
96. the living room is finally almost done
97. dancing with hubby
98. canoeing
99. canoodling
100. sharing my life with the love of my life.

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