Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Feature That!

Hubby and I were the "Feature" at our Friday night open mic.   Hubby and I attend almost every Friday night, so the regulars there have become good friends.   It was quite the honor to be asked to be the feature.  That means instead of the usual 2 songs, you get 6 or 8.

We picked out 8 of our favorites, then added one more for our "encore".     The encore was a song all about the canoe trip we took with these folks this past summer.

As you can see, we had a great time!

And we were incredibly lucky to put together a great band -  Tag's cousin Ricky on the bongos, and our good friend Bob on the bass.  They made us sound good!

The ambiance in this place is great....warm, comfortable, loving.  We love going there, and we loved being the feature!

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elizasmom said...

Awesome! Congratulations!