Monday, April 30, 2012

Oh, Where Have You Been?

It seems like this is the last day of April, and I haven't blogged since........hmmm.....a long time ago.  What have I been doing for the past two weeks?    My life has been full and busy, but just not with anything I thought was post-worthy.

*I went out for drinks with my co-worker and my office supervisor to celebrate  1) that my supervisor will now be in our office exclusively rather than sharing time between two offices, and 2) that the PITA who drove me insane and made my work life a living hell was finally fired!

*I went and saw our friends from Pennsylvania and some friends from Massachusetts sing and play their songs at the Java Room.

*I went and watched daughter Jamie play her second football game of the season.  (The first was in Erie, PA  - we didn't go.  I wasn't interested in a 10-hour bus ride.)   Although they lost, Jamie played a great game with a touchdown, an extra point kicked, a shoe-string tackle that saved a touchdown, and a fumble recovery.

*Our bedroom is almost completed.   Hubby has to put on the new doorknobs, and we have to find the wall art.   But otherwise, it's an absolute pleasure to go into our new bedroom.   It's comfy, cozy and pretty.   If we ever completely finish it, I'll post photos.

*Hubby and I wrote a new song.  Perhaps next time, I'll post the lyrics.  I dedicated the song to my Mom.  We sang it out at an open mic this past Friday, and I think it was well-received.

*We had Hubby's kids over for dinner yesterday.   It was a belated Easter, triple-birthday celebration.   I haven't seen them for a long time.  It was fun to catch up on their lives, and especially fun to see the grandchildren.   Noah is a hoot.....and baby Elsie is a little bundle of joy.   I got in some good "Memere time."

See?  Not exciting....but full and busy and pleasant.   Tomorrow is May Day.   I'll try really hard to post every day ( or so) in May.

Happy Spring!!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I can't wait for bedroom photos! So glad the PITA is gone...

Joan J said...

Oh my gosh, I'm susprised I didn't hear you shouting from the rooftops when the PITA got fired! I'm so happy for you.