Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our Vacation in Pictures....and a few words

Sadly our camera died a painful death on our trip to Pennsylvania. We did manage to get a few shots in before it kicked the bucket. Here they are in pretty much random order One of the most fun places we went was Chocolate World. The Hershey Hotel was extremely luxurious. We didn't stay there....just gawked.
You could go on a Segway tour. Who'd wanna do that?
Gettysburg was beautiful and very interesting. We borrowed the CD from the B and B we stayed at and did the auto-tour around the battlefield.
We saw dozens and dozens of these little buggies. There's a "buggy lane" instead of a breakdown lane.
Hubby did a fantastic job driving everywhere. He needed some time to relax.
We really enjoyed the trolley tour around town. This young man started out playing the part of a conductor, then jumped off the trolley, ran to the back, hopped on the platform at the back of the trolley and changed costumes while the trolley was moving then hopped back on and played a different character. He did this about 10 times throughout our trolley ride.
We went to Hershey Gardens. It was just the right time of year....the roses were beautiful.
We stopped at Indian Echo Caverns just outside Hershey. Pretty cool.
Went to the Hall of Presidents in Gettysburg. LAME!
Of course there were beautiful quilts everywhere. We saw these in the quilt museum.
After our camera died, we went to Strasburg, PA which was "Train Town".
They had a huge Thomas the Train store.....a favorite of both our grandkids. And then we took a train ride through the countryside.....very relaxing.
We also went to Longwood Gardens. I wish we'd had the camera there cause I can't describe how beautiful the place was.

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Me (aka Danielle) said...

Sounds like fun! I would have been smitten in chocolate world!