Saturday, December 24, 2016

Stained Glass

 My cousin Margie out in Michigan decided to take up stained glass as a hobby.  When she posted it and said she was looking for "guinea pigs" to make some pieces for, I volunteered!   She was adamant that she was an amateur, and that she would be slow, and that I shouldn't expect a perfect piece. I was quite alright with that.  It's her hobby, so I wanted her to take her time and enjoy it.

We started out by finding just the right idea.   I told her something "floral" would be nice, so she pulled out her Pinterest folder and sent me this idea:

It was perfect!!!   My Mom's favorite flower was the Brown-Eyed Susan, so I couldn't have thought of a better choice.   We discussed color, and the only change we made was to make the border green instead of blue to better match my living room.

Margie kept me updated as the procedure continued:

First she needed to create the pattern.  

Then all the pieces needed to be cut meticulously out of the sheets of glass.  She had to buy a sheet of glass for each color she used.  

Looks like she started from the middle and worked her way out.   The green is waiting in the background to be place around the frame.

A little preview with light shining behind it.

The framing went on last.

What I really love is that the glass is not all plain flat glass.  There is some texture on the gold

and the white edging is prism shaped

Margie wrapped it all up in an artists box and shipped it to me.  I was so excited to receive that box!  And I couldn't believe the beauty of the piece.

She sent some chain - and it took us a little figuring to determine the best way to hang it in the window.   Finally, Hubby screwed some hooks directly into the window frame.

We put it in the window facing the backyard because that's where the sun sets.  I had to wait for a weekend to take some photos of the sun shining through it -  it's dark by the time I come home from work!

I'm so extremely pleased with this gorgeous piece of work!  My cousin Margie is very talented!  Thank you so much for making me such a beautiful keepsake and memorial to my Mom!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas 2016

Having all my children and grandchildren over for Christmas is the most special day of the year for me.   Our tradition has been to have a brunch about a week before Christmas so the families can spend Christmas Day itself with their kids.

This year I invited my Dad and his girlfriend Emma as well.  Dad doesn't get to see the great-grandchildren that often and he told me afterwards that he enjoyed himself immensely.

My son Doug showed up in his jammies.  He likes to get's no wonder his daughter Emily is a silly girl too!

Luckily, Doug and Kara gave some jammies to Jamie so she could join in the fun!

We started out the day with brunch.   We had to be a bit creative in fitting twelve people around the table!   And Elise got her own highchair.  We feasted on egg and sausage casserole, hash brown casserole, pecan sticky buns, raspberry coffee cake, veggie quiche (thanks Kara!) and fresh berries.

Then came Emily's favorite part of the day - opening presents!

After the inevitable wrapping-paper-ball fight, Elise helped me clean up!

Jamie enjoyed reading one of Emily's stories

And helping Elise play piano!

Kelly and Audrey check out a gift

Kara and Emily relax in Hubby's recliner

Emily and Audrey play on the floor 

Elise found all my Christmas decorations and carried them around the house....including a penguin bigger than her!  ( a Dad gave me that penguin the Christmas after my Mom died, "to help me not be sad.")

Tag and I open a combo gift while Jamie wonders what we got.

And my Dad finished off the day by telling a few really bad Emily would say...."Nooooooooooo!"

This day, for me, was heaven.  A houseful of my loved ones around my table, and enjoying the holiday season as a family.  Life really, really doesn't get any better than this.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Elise's First Birthday Party

We celebrated the First Birthday of our youngest Grandbaby - Elise Victoria!   She got all decked out in her fanciest birthday dress for the occasion.

Big Sister Audrey was excited for the party as well!

We gathered the cousins together for one good photo before the partying began.

I joined in for a Memere photo with my girls.

Elise checks out her Great-Grandpa

Elise is quite excited to get the party started!!

The "Before Cake" photo

Why not just eat it all in one bite??

Daddy lets Audrey help blow out the candles

The "After Cake" photo

Which Emily thinks is quite amusing!

Audrey got her share of birthday cake too.

Aunt Jamie starts a game of "Whack Each Other with the Balloon"

A perfect family photo!!

Time to open gifts!

I was delighted that Elise seemed to love the babydoll and sock monkey I gave her.

One last group photo with Elise, the sock monkey, the babydoll and Audrey!

A very happy Memere!