Monday, April 27, 2015

Belated Vennard Easter/Birthdays

It's always tough to get the kids and grandkids together for a holiday.  Even though Easter was almost a month ago, we celebrated with Hubby's kids this past Sunday.

We had the traditional Eggplant Parm....the kids are vegetarians.

Then there was lots of fun with the grandkids:

Hubby tried to get a photo of Elsie as she raced around and around the house.....silly Hubby.

Outside for a little fun with balsa wood airplanes 

I don't have a decent picture of Elsie to put up in the living room.  Hubby tried but the pasta-sauce face and wild hair aren't really what I'm looking for!

Elsie did sit at the piano for a few seconds.....she has a sweet and gentle piano style....unlike her brother Noah whose style is pounding!!

The kids also went up and played in Grampy's studio and they ate lots and lots of Easter candy.  Sadly, the cheesecake dessert did not cook right so there was only the fruit I was going to use for a topping for our dessert this year.

The "grown-ups" pretty much did this:

I'm glad they all got a chance to visit with each other.....and Grampy and Memere had a good time visiting with the grandkids.