Sunday, June 30, 2019

Audrey's 6th Birthday Adventure

Our sweet Audrey turned 6 on June 11th  (our 13th Wedding Anniversary!).   For her adventure, we took her and her little sister Elise to see "The Secret Life of Pets 2" at Chunky's.

We got them each a treat at the movies. Audrey chose Swedish Fish and Elise wanted a "big bag of popcorn all for myself!"

The movie was cute and funny and both girls stayed engrossed the whole time.  I loved that Audrey danced in her seat when there was music playing.

After the movie we took them to a local playground.

Audrey was proud of herself that she could go down the firepole without help!

And Elise knows just how cute she is!

Even Pepere had fun on the slide.
  The girls think it's hilarious to call him "Pepperoni" instead of Pepere!

Here's where their imaginations went wild!  My favorite part of the day because it's so much fun to see what they're going to come up with!

We pretended the play structure was a castle and we all had magical crowns that gave us any wish we wanted.   Imaginary friend Teddy made an appearance and joined in the fun!

We eventually played on the big ring of bark mulch because we were having a party for ALL the people in the world  (1 million!)  and thank goodness we could magically wish for everything to be set up for the party!

We even had fireworks (Elise throwing bark mulch up in the air!)

After an hour and a half at the playground, we went across the street to a little restaurant for some supper.  Audrey did a good job on her hamburger, and Elise waved a piece of a chicken finger around near her mouth and said she had eaten some of her dinner and could have ice cream!

Being the grandparents, of course she could have ice cream!  Some strawberry with rainbow sprinkles for Audrey and vanilla with rainbow sprinkles for Elise.

We brought home two tired little girls.   And two tired grandparents!  We all had so much fun and hopefully made some great memories!