Sunday, February 10, 2019

"The Essex" 3

We've really enjoyed a short winter get-away the last three years.  We found the Essex Culinary Resort in Essex, VT, and we like it so much we've gone back each of the past three years.

This year we started our adventure with brunch at the Red Arrow Diner in Londonderry, NH.  Last year we went up on a Saturday, and the wait to eat at the diner was way too long.  This year, we went up on Thursday and got right in.  They very astutely have a spot in the lobby where you can take a "selfie" sure to post it!

Tag loved the coffee mug full of grits, so I bought one for him to take home.  (just the mug....not the grits!)

The first night we were there, we had our cooking class.  This year it was "Cooking with Vermont Beer".   Our instructor taught us how to make soup, chicken, mashed potatoes and parsnips.  I'd never had parsnips before...they were delicious!

We joined two other couples....everyone had a good time and enjoyed the company and the food.

 We all took turns and had a chance to participate in the cooking.

Of course, the meal had to be "presented".

One of the things we love most about this Inn is the pool and hot tub. Indoor heated pool and outdoor hot tub........we enjoyed both on each night.  Nothing like a relaxing soak in the hot tub to turn your muscles to mush and help you sleep!

On Friday, we went into Burlington.  While searching for a "Vintage" store, we came upon a park on the shore of Lake Champlain.   A bit too chilly to swim outside!

We did find the Vintage store after a few wrong turns.   Tag found some records (of course!) and I got some vintage earrings and few bowls.

One of the things I love about Vermont is their universal acceptance of everyone.....this was one of my favorite signs.   

We found the Lake Champlain Chocolate Factory and went in for the free tour.   You could see the workers creating Easter Bunnies through a glass window that looked out over the factory floor. One of the employees gave a talk and slide show about the origins of chocolate.   The best part, of course, was the free samples!

Another record store!!  More records!!!

We stopped in at Church Street.  It's an area in the downtown blocked in parts to traffic with all little shops.  It was absolutely freezing out, so we stopped in a bakery and got a muffin and some hot drinks.

Back to the Essex, where we had $100 as part of our package to spend on dinner in the "Junction", a fine dining restaurant.

I never noticed before but they had table settings glued to the ceiling!  Our waiter said they'd been there for at least four years!

The Junction has an open kitchen so you can watch the chefs work.

Both mornings we also got the weekend was pretty much an eating fest!  And the food is outstanding!   We are contemplating going back in the summer, when they'll have a huge vegetable garden, flower gardens, walking trails, bicycles to borrow, goats, chickens and an outdoor pool.

Not much snow, even up there, but frozen "waterfalls" on the granite rocks.