Thursday, June 20, 2013

Our New Grandbaby

Hubby and I have been blessed with a new granddaughter.   Her name is Audrey Elisabeth.  She was born to my son Nick and his wife Kelly on Tuesday, June 11 (our 7th wedding anniversary!)   7 lbs 14. oz.   She is a beautiful baby!

Audrey and her Daddy

Audrey and her Mommy

So cool to see the look of pride on her Daddy's face!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

And finally....the last two days in DC

Our last two days in DC were spent visiting as many Smithsonian Museums and other museums that we could possibly fit in.  We went to the top of the Old Post Office Tower, as that was the place to see a view of the city, since the Washington Monument was closed.   As with many of these buildings in Washington, the architecture was beautiful.

Going up?

The National Museum of  Art was impressive, both in its architecture 

and the paintings we were able to see.

The museum is two big buildings, with two big wings each, so we had to limit ourselves to just seeing the French Impressionists.

We continued on to the National Air and Space Museum

The Museum of American History

Dorothy's Ruby Red Slippers from the Wizard of Oz - Hubby's  and my favorite movie of all time.

Michelle Obama's Inaugural Gown

We still have the ice cream trucks!

The National Museum of the American Indian

The Botanical Garden  (one of the things I remember that my Grandmother loved)

We visited the Library of Congress because Hubby had read there were Stradivarius Violins on display (and there weren't) but once again, the architecture in the place was gorgeous.

The Library of Congress was behind the Capitol building.  When they say Capitol "hill" - man, they sure aren't kidding!   We never went for our tour of the inside of the Capitol, but that is a huge building!

We also went to the Spy Museum so Hubby could see James Bond's Aston Martin  **rolling my eyes** and they had a whole exhibit on James Bond.

We visited the National Archives and saw the Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights, and the Constitution.  Obviously, no pictures were allowed there. 

We stopped at one of the smaller Smithsonian Museums - the Renwick Gallery - that had some interesting art.

And then finally, we walked all the way back down the National Mall to see the World War II Memorial again (my favorite) and the Lincoln Memorial again (Hubby's favorite) and to see the Korean War Memorial which we had missed the first time around.

Finally, we headed home.

And stopped at Hubby's favorite restaurant on the way back.