Saturday, October 10, 2015


Hubby has always loved Arlo Guthrie, so wasn't it just serendipitous that he decided to bring his "Alice's Restaurant 50th Anniversary Tour" to Boston on Hubby's birthday!!

Our plan was to go and spend the day banging around Boston, but the weather didn't comply.  So we left home around 4:30 to go in and have supper at the Cheesecake Factory - that being Hubby's favorite restaurant.

It was a quick and easy walk to Berklee Music School's Performing Arts Center.   It's a very cozy and intimate venue...perfect for Arlo.

Hubby anticipating the beginning of the show

Arlo's daughter Sarah Lee opened the night
His son Abe also played the keyboard and sang harmonies.

It was a wonderful night of song and stories

We posed for a selfie in front of the stage

When he came out for the second set, Arlo thrilled the audience with his famous "Alice's Restaurant" song with a background of scenes from the movie.

It was a wonderful birthday for Hubby!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Topsfield Fair 2015

One of our favorite activities in the fall is attending the Topsfield Fair.  This  year's theme was "Sunflowers"

Children created displays of decorated pumpkins

The largest pumpkin this year was just under a ton.


We got to hold newborn chicks and 
watch some hatch from their shells.

My friend the Llama.....he has fuzzy lips!

Also made friends with some cute goats.

and an Alpaca!

 Then it was time to eat!  A plate of freshly fried potato chips.  I told the guy it was a ridiculous amount of chips.........

But I did manage to eat them all!  (with a little help from my friend)

Checked out the craft area.....
maybe this should be my new winter look

It took us a while to find the sand sculpture

This cow is as happy as a pig in mud

Speaking of pigs.......

The traditional Topsfield Fair photo

One of our "must see" attractions.....Robinson's Racing Pigs

A little parade 

Finally at night we stayed for some of the rodeo.  I have to say it was very badly organized....but the announcer kept us laughing with all his goofs and gaffs. 

Really a fun-filled day and the weather was perfect!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Apple Picking 2015

It's been our pleasure to continue the tradition of taking Emily apple picking - something we've done with her since she was about two.  This year we picked a chilly, raw day so there was no wagon ride but it wasn't raining!

Emily looking oh so stylish!

All the good apples were up high so Emily volunteered to climb and get them.

She thought it was hilarious that she wiped her mouth with her sleeve.  She managed to eat three or four apples while we were picking.  (I might have eaten two or three myself.  The lady said we could taste them if we wanted to know what they tasted like before we picked them!)

My favorite part of the excursion - apple cider donuts!

Emily remembered sitting on the wall from last year.  She insisted the cement was warmer than the wooden picnic bench!

I asked her to pose.....

a bit different from her first time ever at the apple farm!

Back to our house......she showed us her progress on the ukulele.

Then we started making the apple pies.  Her favorite parts are getting flour everywhere and eating the raw sugar!

Helping Memere peel the apples

Helping Pepere mix the ingredients

I showed her how to use the Spirograph while we waited for the pies to bake.

And played some "Penguin Pop-up".....a game she gave me because she knows I like penguins.   It's very funny when she knocks my penguin off the board!

This year, Pepere had a bumper crop of apples on our one and only apple tree in the backyard.  So Emily consented to some more picking.

A little help from Pepere

Showing off the bag full of apples we got from our tree.