Monday, November 9, 2020

November Date Day

 After a small, freakish October snowstorm, we were blessed with some unusually gorgeous weather for November.  Since the beginning of the pandemic, Hubby and I had instituted "Date Day".  Almost every Sunday, we would venture out to a new place where we could safely enjoy the outdoors, get some exercise and reconnect with nature and each other.   Most often, we found trails in a State Park or Town Forest and our adventure was almost always capped off with a visit to a local ice cream stand.  

These Date Days have literally kept me sane.  Just getting outside, away from eveyrone and everything, and spending time with Hubby was the balm I needed during a stressful time.

So on this beautiful November Sunday, instead of walking in the woods, we headed up to the beaches of Maine.   First - over one of my favorite bridges....the Piscataqua River Bridge, which conncets New Hampshire to Maine on Route 95.

Usually we head straight for Route 1A to head into York, Maine.  But this time we decided to go even more back-roadish and we took Route 103.  We've passed Fort McLary before, but never stopped in.  But since it's Date Day (by definition, a day of exploration and adventure) we stopped in.

The fort, of course, had a lovely view of the ocean.

There was a replica vegetable garden from each century starting in the 1600's. 

We spent an enjoyable time checking out the different buildings and reading the history.  

The next stop on our ride up the coast was the Hartley Mason Reservation.  This is a lovely park and beach in York, Maine.   There is a nice grassy, hilly park area at the top with plenty of space to spread out a picnic lunch or relax in the shade.   And there's also a beautiful little beach at the bottom of the hill.

I did put toes in the water.....yes! it was cold!!

There were people wearing eveything from bathing suits to winter coats and hats!  There were people sunbathing and there were a few hardy children testing out the water.  

Continuing up Route 1A, we stopped at Long Beach in York, then of course had to stop at Nubble Lighthouse and take the obligatory photo.  (We must have dozens of them! In fact, there is a photo out there somewhere  - I will have to find it - of myself, Mom and Dad and my siblings at Nubble back in 1967 or so.)

All along the way, we had been searching for ice cream.  Everything was closed!  C'mon Maine - keep those ice cream stands open year round!!  We took a quick swing into Perkin's Cove because there is an ice cream place there  (closed).  But we chose not to walk along the Marginal Way - it's a very  narrow path and we would have had to keep our masks on the entire time.  So instead, we drove around to Ogunquit Beach.

Yes, my feet were bright red with cold by the time I got back to the car.  But it was worth it to have toes in the water for (probably!) the last time this year.  Being a New Englander (AND a Girl Scout!) I had socks and sneakers in the car to change into.

We finished off our day by driving down Route 1 to Kittery and stopping at Bob's Clam Shack.  We shared baskets of fried haddock and scallops.  We came very close to eating outside....but it was getting dark (4:30!) and they had no outdoor heaters.  

Beautiful Date Day with my Wonderful Hubby  -  Life is Good!