Sunday, September 22, 2019

Chaos and Kindness

My favorite band, Recycled Percussion, has branched out into a brand called Chaos and Kindness.  Their idea is that, "In a world full of Chaos, be sure to spread some Kindness."   

They began by creating a TV show where they go around to different people who need some Kindness and offer to do something, or donate something to make their life a little better.  My friend Sylvie's nephew Jason was the first one depicted on the show.  He had endured some devastating losses so they took him to the Superbowl!  And it goes on from there.   They have a foundation that takes donations at Christmastime and they buy a warehouse full of toys, where families can come, no questions asked,  and let their child pick out a toy.

They decided recently to open a "Chaos and Kindness" store and experience.  They chose the the town of Laconia, NH for two reasons.  One is that Justin, the ringleader of the group, was born there.  And second because Laconia needed a bit of a boost.   So they chose the most run-down area in the hopes it might revive the town. Part of the goal as well is to use the store to show people a way of giving back to others.

Sylvie, her daughter Sara, granddaughter Maddie and I decided to brave the Chaos and go up to Laconia for the store Grand Opening.   Justin always goes for the biggest, best, craziest events, so we were prepared for a huge crowd of people.   They did a great job of having remote parking, and complimentary busses to bring you to the event.  

We were delighted when we got there to have almost no line to get into the store.  (although the line stretched down the sidewalk when we came out......good timing!)

The store is divided into 2 halves....Chaos and Kindness!  Of course, the Chaos side is much more fun!

The floor is covered in confetti

The band found out that the building they bought had belonged to a gentleman named Henry who was well-known around town for always having candy in his pockets to give out to children.  So in his honor, they have a huge bin of candy so children can take a piece for free.

Maddie and the big kid, Sylvie, sorting through for the best kind!

There are 100 etch-a-sketches on the wall for you to leave a picture or message.

Sara and I left messages.....mind said "I love Chaos"...upside down!

The bathrooms are is Chaos and one is Kindness.  The Kindness one is a normal bathroom...............

The Chaos side looks like this!  Those are slinkies hanging from the ceiling!

Also confetti on the ceiling.  

On the Chaos side you can also make your own slime, play giant Jenga and Connect Four, play pinball, and paint a big piece of glass and then smash it!

The Kindness side of the store is much more sedate. Most of the merchandise is on that side. (I bought a "legalize Kindness" T-shirt)  They do have a "Kindness Table" where you can sit and write a letter or draw a picture for whatever cause they are supporting that week .  (ie..writing letters to the troops)

After visiting the store, we went down to the area where there were food trucks and the big stage set up for the concert.   The band just bought a gigantic truck and had it pimped out in Chaos and Kindess decals. They'll use this truck to randomly drive around doing good deeds wherever they see the need.

The crowd got bigger as concert time approached.  I believe they estimated over 10,000 people for the concert.

The concert was crazy and manic as usual!!!  It was extra-fun for me because, despite their love for Chaos and Kindness, Sylvie and Sara had never seen Recycled Percussion play!!

And afterwards, as the band had advertised, was the biggest fireworks display New Hampshire had ever seen!

Awesome, Chaotic and Kindness-filled day!!!

Monday, September 2, 2019

Sunflower Farm

Our Sunday Adventure for this Labor Day weekend was a trip to Colby Sunflower Farm in Newbury, MA.    It was a beautiful day and we had a fabulous time walking amongst all the beautiful flowers!

Every once in a while was a flower that stood out among all the rest.

Hubby waited patiently like a good boy for his turn on the tractor!

They also had fields of corn and I finally got the answer to my question of how they harvest all that corn.   I really wanted to hang out behind the truck and pick up the ones they missed!

Where's Karen?

A couple of campy photos at the store.....this one seemed made for us.

From Newbury we were just a hop, skip and a jump from Newburyport, one of Hubby's favorite places.   We always have to stop in the junk so Hubby can check out the latest used records.

And the boardwalk is always a great place to sit and watch the world go by.

Then just a smidge further north to Seabrook for MY favorite part of the day!   A fisherman's platter with a side of onion rings and rootbeer out on the is good!!!!