Saturday, December 27, 2014

Vennard Christmas 2014

Today we celebrated Christmas on Hubby's side of the family.  The Vennard Family Christmas was held at Peggy's house....aka the Old Vennard Family Homestead.

Noah chomps on some pre-dinner chocolate while Mom Wendy and Uncle Matthew look on.  Elsie is smiling in the background.

Cousin Gabriel very graciously shared his chair with Elsie.

Until Elsie found Aunt Peggy's favorite chair.

And finally settled in to share the chair with her brother Noah.

Kenny donned the hat to play Santa Claus.

Noah and Elsie (and Gabe) got plenty of gifts to open.   Yes, that is a gigantic "Whitman Sampler" that Elsie is sitting on, courtesy of Kenny.  Hubby ended out getting it in the gift swap!

Kenny gave us all the rules and passed out the numbers for the Yankee Swap.

"The Ove Glove" got exchanged with Jeanne for some Parker's Maple Syrup.

Jeanne couldn't believe she ended out with that "Ove Glove"!  Although there was an exchange after the gift swap was over and she ended out with some Memory Foam pillows.

Hubby's brother Doug holding his grandson, Gabe.   Gabe's dad Ryan.....Matthew (hidden) and Kenny.

Umpa gets to take home a "hopped up on sugar" Gabriel!

And this is how Hubby and I relaxed after a fun-filled crazy day with family!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas with my Kids

We stretch out our Christmas partying in this household.   We started with my kids:

Tree and presents ready to go!

One of my Christmas angels.....Emily 

Memere and Audrey both rocking our Christmas Penguins

Jamie Nick and Doug

Pepere and Audrey 

Audrey loves the unicorn that Emily gave her

She's just gorgeous!

Audrey loved Memere's singing snowmen.  It didn't take her long to figure out how to press the button and make them play.

Emily shared her dessert cookie with Audrey....who loved it!

Our Christmas brunch  table

Pepere in his glory showing Audrey the fundamentals of the piano!

A little snuggle with Memere

Emily was our Santa Claus.....handing out the gifts

and opening them!

Audrey needed some coaching but caught on pretty quickly.

Audrey's walking!!  Here she goes over to get the snowman started,
then when  Mom picks her up she says "Walk!!"

Our Christmas gift opening always ends out in a paper fight!